Dalhousie Microbiome User Group


The Dalhousie Microbiome User Group (DalMUG), is made up of researchers and clinicians interested in microbiome research and are primarily affiliated with Dalhousie University. DalMUG aims to help build collaborations, share resources, and build an interdisciplinary community.

DalMUG meetings are held roughly once a month and has presentations from both invited external speakers and from members from within DalMUG.

Mailing List

The DalMUG mailing list is used to announce upcoming meetings and as a forum to ask questions.

You must join the DalMUG google group before being allowed to post to the list.

Email: dalmug@googlegroups.com

Funding and Support

DalMUG is funded by and is a part of the centre for Comparative Genomics and Evolutionary Bioinformatics (CGEB) and is organized by Dr. Morgan Langille.

If you have any questions about DalMUG or are having trouble joining the mailing list you can contact morgan.g.i.langille@dal.ca

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